Nature Play AdventuresNZ

We are based in North Taranaki and teach traditional woodwork and bush-craft skills to children of all ages in specially designed, NaturePlay workshops and holiday programmes. We provide engaging, ‘from-scratch’ projects, with materials sourced directly from nature, that lead participants to develop confidence in a wide range of woodwork and hand-tool skills, as well as connecting them to the history and culture of  woodwork through the ages. A leap in confidence is frequently the result as children see that they can make their own toys and useful household items, and learn how to responsibly harvest, process and use the natural resources freely available around them. The satisfaction of  using something they made themselves ‘from scratch’ adds meaning to their play for a long time after the session has finished! See our list of workshops available here.

Jodi and Peter Calkin first started NaturePlay Adventures in Australia in 2014. Together they have over ten years experience in working with children, sharing their combined passions of teaching practical and arts-based skills in natural, outdoor environments. Qualified in first aid, and a soon-to-be-renewed registered NZ teacher, Peter provides his skills as an ex-Steiner teacher as well as a homeschooling dad of two active, 9 year old, twin boys. The Calkin family live in the beautiful North Taranaki, raising baby animals and exploring and painting the great outdoors. Come and join them for a wholesome learning experience.

HOW IT WORKS? We design workshops around the needs and interests of the participants and provide a mobile service with all tools, materials and instructions to make a wide range of projects. Half-day, full-day, after-school, evening, holiday or per- hour workshops are all possible. Se our list of workshops available here

COSTS? We run programmes for individuals and for schools. For individuals we host Sunday workshops for children and families during term time, then run a full programme of workshops during the holidays. The cost for a full days workshop from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. is $60 which includes all tools, materials and tuition. We also offer half-day workshops for $35. Please note that there are one or two workshops that will have a variation in these prices due to venue costs and the projects requiring more expensive materials, e.g. the forest-racer, go-kart workshop.

Please note, that due to the use of sharp and potentially injurious tools, we have an age limit of eight years old for children attending without their parents. This is negotiable based on the children’s competencies and ability with tools. Talk to us if you have a younger child wishing to attend. Some workshops are totally fine for younger children, but other workshops will require a parent to attend.

For schools, our base fee for a half-day workshop is $280, and for a full day is $400. This cost includes tools, material and tuition fees for up 12 children. Workshops that require additional supervision or more expensive materials, or are situated outside of the New Plymouth district, will have added costs.

HEALTH & SAFETY: We aim to give learners a rich and engaging experience that will open a door to creative possibilities in their lives, and wish to ensure the experience is safe and enjoyable, however, these workshops do involve the use of tools that can cause injury. Participation must be approved by parents or guardians. 

  • All our instructors are trained Primary School teachers and hold a Comprehensive First Aid certificate.
  • Our support staff have been apprenticed with us and hold a Child Worker Safety Check  & Comprehensive First Aid Certificate.
  • Each project has had a Risk Assessment and Management form completed
  • Each workshop begins with an introductory safety briefing for all participants
  • Each tool to be used in the workshop is introduced and safe practice described and demonstrated. 
  • Children wear correctly sized cut-proof gloves when working with sharp tools.
  • Protective eyewear and aprons are provided when needed
  • A well-stocked first -aid kit is always available



Mobile: 0226477035

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