NaturePlay AdventuresNZ runs programmes for schools. We have a range of projects that are suitable for ages from 5 -13+ years. We have grouped these projects into two categories based on the length of time each one will take to complete. The simple projects will take approximately 1 hour, (Click here to see 1-hour list) and the more involved ones approximately 2 hours. (Click here to see 2-hour list) We supply all tools, materials and tuition and bring a full mobile, off-grid workshop which can be set up in any location in the school grounds. Our maximum class size is 12 children, and we ask for the school to provide one or two parent helpers if possible.

COSTS: We charge a half day rate of $280 excl GST and a full day rate of $400 excl GST. These rates will only vary if there are children with high needs and we need to supply support staff, or for venues outside of the New Plymouth region.

TIMES: We try to structure our lessons to match school lesson times and find we can generally fit in two lessons before lunch, and a shorter lesson in the afternoon. In the past teachers have split the class into two groups, with the first group having their lesson from 9:15 am – 11:15 a.m. and one from 11:15 a.m. to 1:15p.m. with a short break between for a cup of tea and a cleanup. The afternoon lesson runs from 1:45 p.m. to 2:45 p.m.

NEW ZEALAND CURRICULUM: We recognise that the school curriculum is very full, and adding in extra activities such as NaturePlay AdventuresNZ workshops, although rich and beneficial, take valuable time from the core subjects and school priorities. We have therefore prepared lesson plans for all of our workshops covering the values, key competencies and achievement objectives for the learning areas, primarily for Technology and Social Sciences. We are happy to make assessments of the students against these objectives to help busy teachers meet their curriculum coverage needs. Please talk to us about the ways we can work with teachers to assist their work.

HEALTH & SAFETY: We aim to give learners a rich and engaging experience that will open a door to creative possibilities in their lives, and wish to ensure the experience is safe and enjoyable, however, these workshops do involve the use of tools that can cause injury. Participation must be approved by parents or guardians.

  • All of our instructors are trained Primary School teachers and hold a Comprehensive First Aid certificate,
  • Our support staff have been apprenticed with us and hold a Child Worker Safety Check  & Comprehensive First Aid Certificate,
  • Each project has had a Risk Assessment and Management form completed,
  • Each workshop begins with an introductory safety briefing for all participants,
  • Each tool to be used in the workshop is introduced and safe practice described and demonstrated,
  • Children wear correctly sized cut-proof gloves when working with sharp tools,
  • Protective eyewear and aprons are provided when needed,
  • A well-stocked first -aid kit is always available.

BOOKINGS: If you are interested in any of these projects please contact us at And also, if you have an idea of a project that is not on the list please feel free to talk to us about it. We are always interested in developing new workshops.