Wooden Swords & Shields – $25

These wonderful swords made from Japanese walnut are lightweight and strong and can wielded with ease by children of all ages. The shields are decorated with a variety of patterns and animal logos and we can customise them according to your specifications. They sport a rounded knob for authentic battle action!

Bow & Quiver of Arrows – $45

This simple but powerful bow made from thick walled bamboo, and a quiver full of feather-fletched arrows, will delight every child, young and old. Parental supervision is necessary as these bows pack a punch. Whether sending arrows flying over a field or thwacking soundly into a target the obvious joy and satisfaction on the face of young archers is priceless.

Branchwood Bulldozer – $30

These robust and attractive sandpit toys give hours of enjoyment. Made from avocado wood, with cypress wheels and a bamboo cab, they are lightweight yet strong enough to handle even a youngsters boisterous activity. The bucket moves and tips just like the real thing.

Wooden Toolbox & Mallet $35

This lovely toolbox can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including holding tools! The mallet is a joy to hold and use and looks fabulous. Made from solid manuka they are just great for cracking walnuts and macadamias. We can make them large or small depending on who they’re destined to be used by. The tool boxes can also be custom made as well.
Standard size is 400 mm long x 180 mm wide.

Carpentry Tool Kits for Children

We are putting together kits of child-sized tools. All the essentials that we use here at NaturePlay AdventuresNZ will be available, including child-sized, cut-proof gloves! These are the best quality tools at affordable prices that we can source. Please inquire if interested immediately, otherwise watch this space as we develop the kits…..