From Teachers & Principals

‘Highly Recommended….’

‘Peter has instant rapport with children. He is very calm and speaks in a down-to-earth and practical manner that children understand. He teaches students clear, safe practices with proper tools combined with basic carpentry skills. His preparation is amazing! The construction materials he brings are mostly natural products found in the local environment, which have been pre-drilled, cut to size and are all ready to go for children to put together.
Children love working with Peter and are highly engaged working with him. His lessons give sufficient instruction for the children to then create their own ideas, and Peter is good at getting them to problem solve when something doesn’t quite work out. We would highly recommend Peter and his nature play adventures for all children. ‘ Pauline – Sole-Charge Principal

‘Children more aware of their natural surroundings….’

As a teacher and a parent it has been amazing to observe children being more aware of their natural surroundings. Children have been collecting natural materials and taking part in imaginative play at break times. My children are constantly scanning and thinking about what they have found can be used for. My own daughter played for four hours after school with her pull-a-long car she made with Peter. Its her pride and joy!

The ability to create and add their own personal touches is priceless. Peter provides a wonderful scaffolded experience, with challenge and success for all learners. He provides all the tools and educates on how to use them. We took the  creations made and turned them into Stopmotion movies and it is wonderful hearing the children’s honest reflections on what they have learned and what they would do differently next time. Kirsty – Teacher Yr 5/6